handmade dusting mitt

I have a bit of an addiction to craft supplies. I can’t help it. I can’t pass up a good sale! Any time I see fabric, yarn, beads or buttons on sale I HAVE to stock up! The problem is, I soon find myself spending hundreds of dollars on craft supplies I never use. I don’t know how it happens, at the time of purchase I have every intention of using it right away. I even make a PLAN for what handmade goody I am going to make with it, but then life happens, my craft project gets pushed aside, and I suddenly have a closet full of craft supplies and I don’t even know why I needed them in the first place! Well, this project came from the inspiration of having too much fabric that I didn’t know what to do with! :)

For some unforeseen reason, I have ended up with a couple yards of random fleece. I’m sure I purchased it to make a handmade gift for someone and choose the colors specifically for the recipient. What am I going to do with fleece, anyway? Winter is half way over, so there is no point in making blankets, scarves or hats. It’s time to start crafting for Spring and Summer. Then, I had a little light bulb moment! Spring equals “Spring Cleaning”. What sort of handmade cleaning supply can I make? – A DUSTING MITT!

As it turns out, fleece is an excellent material for attracting dust like a magnet. I can use my surplus fabric to make something useful and reusable. I am a genius! haha On my first attempt, I accidentally made a left-handed dusting mitt, but after I figured out my design, it was easy to whip out another one! They’re kind of crazy looking and I feel like I should glue wiggly eyes on them so they can be a puppet! These handmade dusting mitts are super soft and the funky pattern is way more fun than the standard orange or blue. :) What do you think? I think this was a successful use of my surplus fabric. I’ll probably make several more and list them in my Etsy shop. :) Next up on the “Spring Cleaning” theme is adorable handmade aprons!


handmade dusting mitt

handmade dusting mitt

handmade dusting mitts

Displaying both sides of the mitt

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