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12 Clever Uses for Duct Tape

I know you can fix just about any problem with a little duct tape and a spritz of Windex, but what about using duct tape for it’s aesthetic qualities rather than it’s functionality? I’ve searched Etsy for the most funky and beautiful duct tape creations. How do you like to use duct tape?

Duct tape ring by  ClaraBellen

Duct tape hair clips by QuietMischief

Duct Tape Clutch by bluebamboo

Duct Tape bag by Mariahssassyfashions

Duct Tape Rose by DuckTapeRose

Duct Tape Fedora by CadinaW

Duct Tape Hair Clip by TUTreasures

Duct Tape Wreath by RaindropWallets

Duct Tape Turntables by itllglowonyou

Duct Tape Pony by bluedogrose

Duct Tape Flower Bouquet by HartofStone

Duct Tape Christmas Ornaments by TUTreasures

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Paper Mache

I had some leftover balloons from a party and decided to do some paper mache. I forgot how much I enjoy it! I’ve always been intrigued by making beautiful things out of every day items and paper is no exception. I LOVE recycling my own paper. Generally, I make handmade paper for gift tags or lovely handmade journals, but paper mache is a nice change of pace. It’s so easy, too! All you need is a balloon, some flour, water, salt, and newspaper and you’re good to go! :) Right now, my project is in process because it takes a lot of time to dry between layers. I plan on wrapping it up this weekend and turning these paper newspaper balls into beautiful bowls and baskets. More photos coming soon!


paper mache

paper mache

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